About Blind Ferret Labs

Blind Ferret Labs is an App incubator that exists to give you, the developer, the financial and technical resources needed to get your iOS App idea into the hands of millions of potential customers. Blind Ferret Labs (a division of Blind Ferret Inc) draws on the over 13 years of experience that we have in the digital media world. From entertainment, to advertising, to app development, Blind Ferret has proven over the years to be ahead of the curve in online and mobile trends. This experience allows us to guide your concepts through development and IOS certification to deployment on the Apple store.

Why Blind Ferret Labs?

Working with Blind Ferret Labs, you’ll have access to our graphic design and marketing staff as you develop, register and grow your App idea into an App Store leader. The best part? While you’re working on your app, you’ll be making money! That’s right, you’ll be working on your own ideas and getting paid to do it! Blind Ferret Labs will provide you with a salary, office space, equipment (Mac or PC) and guidance as you develop your idea into the next massive-selling iOS App! Be it a game, a lifestyle tool or anything else you can think of, Blind Ferret Labs is the place to be to fully realize your idea.

The Selection Process

Our team will be reviewing applications as they come in and up to the application deadline. Concepts that have the most creative and marketable potential will be selected for a presentation/interview. This interview will be a short concept pitch followed by a Q&A. Once all of the in person meetings have been completed we will evaluate which concepts/individuals that we would like to extend an offer to for this round of applications.